About me

For those of you who have been taught by me, then ‘Mr. Cave’ will do!

Mr. CIf you don’t know, I’m a teacher sharing my tips, rants, wisdom and opinions with GCSE and A-Level students at my school, and further afield.

I really believe that History is so important to anyone’s understanding of the world today (and fortunately so does the new Coalition government!). The purpose of this blog is for us to discuss that which brought us here today- no not our parents- but the past!

On this blog we consider both our exam topics, and wider events in History, helping us to become more rounded in our understanding of current affairs- we can also have a good rant from time to time, and look at events in the world right now, in an attempt to realise that History is so much more than exams!

I hope you enjoy, are informed, and form your own arguments through these posts!

Mr. Histor- C.


3 responses to “About me

  1. I think its great what your doing Mr cave , its a shame many people dont know about the hard work your putting in to sharing history with everyone!

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