I’m stuck…

stuck-5Brilliant! This is where the real learning begins- have a go through the ideas below to learn something new & get you going again:

  • Read the information on the board, does that explain it for you?
  • Ask another student, see if they can explain it in a way that makes sense to you
  • Work out what you do understand of the task/question, as well as what you don’t- this helps identify your trouble spot
  • Look at the key words (BUG the question)- is it a what/why/how/how far command word? That helps you identify the skill you need to show
  • Look at the subject of the sentence- what is the topic on?
  • Just do it wrong… seriously! It’ll help me identify what you struggle with, and support you in your learning!

ALWAYS THINK- What did I do last time I was stuck? If I wasn’t stuck, what would I do?



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