Revision skills

tumblr_luxxfuIUWI1qzwaddo1_500_largeHistory exams on the horizon? How do you revise all this information? Here’s some top revision tips:

  • Complete a ‘revision audit’ to see where you’re strong or weak
  • Buy a revision guide- ask us which one!
  • Put together a revision timetable- and stick to it! There’s nothing worse than that guilty feeling of knowing you should be revising!
  • Work with others- not all the time but collaboration can really help
  • Studies have shown that regular consolidation helps, so start early!
  • Make “Cornell method” revision notes- they can be used as a test later
  • Mind maps work well for those who can visualise them- just the key headings linked together. Then test yourself- what detail can you add to this?
  • Revision cards take a while to put together, but are useful as cue cards to extend details to.
  • Knowledge tests- we provide a lot for you, but make your own too!
  • Practice questions- get papers from your teachers and have a go to see where you’re at. This is proven to be the best way to revise!
  • Link revision to music- rewrite a song in the charts and you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll start remembering key content
  • Use post-its to stick revision around your room/house so you keep encountering it
  • Follow @historyJBS on Twitter for bite-size revision chunks
  • Remember- regular breaks, snacks & plenty of water!

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