GCSE Unit 3- Source skills

M30fd1eb86edf375c8ec8f32307b782bdUnit 3 of Edexcel’s GCSE focus on your ability to handle sources, and therefore all the usual rules apply. But Unit 3 also asks you to showcase the same skills each year, and therefore knowing in advance what those skills are is very useful! Here’s how the paper is structured, and how you tackle each question:

Q1- What can you learn from the source?

Usual AQUSOK stuff- make supported inferences from the information in front of you.

Q2- What is the message of the source/how is got across?

This is usually a picture/poster. Why was it made? What was its purpose? How is it being conveyed to the viewer?

Q3- How far do the sources suggest…?

Use both the content (information) and context (nature, origin, purpose) of the sources to show how they both support & contradict the idea put forward in the question. Cross-reference the sources and reach a conclusion.

Q4- Which source is most useful?

Base your judgement on both the content & context of the two sources- what can we learn and what can’t we learn?

Q5- How far do the sources & your knowledge support this statement?

Look at our help on judgement questions, but remember to look over the sources & use both them & your knowledge to give a clear, reasoned & balanced opinion on the statement.


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