GCSE Judgement questions

prepare_judgement1These questions appear at the end of the Crime & Germany exams, and they’re worth 16 marks (plus a great chance to secure additional SPAG marks), so they’re really important to do well in.

How do we do this then? Well you need to make sure you’re awarded an OBE! This shouldn’t be done in the order set out, rather these are the key elements you need to showcase in your answer.

  • OPINION- these are called judgement questions for a reason- you’re being given a statement & asked whether you agree with it. Therefore, make a decision and then look to prove it clearly within your answer. Top answers show this from the start, but you can secure a B grade by waiting until the conclusion to do this.
  • BALANCE- You’re being asked “how far” you agree with a statement, so you do need to show the examiner you can weigh up both sides. Having clearly gone over the reasons for your opinion, take the time to explain how other historians could see it another way. However, to secure a top mark, don’t contradict yourself- use phrases like “others may disagree and suggest…”
  • EXPLANATION- Don’t just describe information relevant to the subject. PEEL paragraphs work well here, so explain clearly why the evidence points towards your opinion.

obe011-aYou must also make sure you give the answer enough time- up to 25 minutes of the exam should be spent writing your answer. Some people like to jump to the final question after completing the first one, to ensure they don’t run out of time!

Good luck!


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