A-Level: Note-taking

20070907-notebookNow you’re an A-Level student, the amount of independent work you’ll have to do will increase. This will primarily involve reading information to gain an understanding of the topic, perhaps even before the lesson on that topic takes place!

Reading it is one thing, but taking notes that you can go back to & revise from can be harder, so follow these simple steps:

  1. Look at the sub-headings (if there are any) to help focus your note-taking
  2. Don’t write anything down until you finish reading the section. That way you can think “what have I learnt here” and take notes from a more complete point of view.
  3. Intro NotesThe presentation is important, and there are options here. You could mind-map your notes (use www.bubbl.us if you want to do it online), or write them out like bullet points.
  4. You can also use the “Cornell method” of note-taking, which makes it really easy to revise from later. You can find templates from Google for this.
  5. Add page numbers as you go through, so you can refer back to the information after.
  6. Even if you’re not using the “Cornell method”, write a summary of key information after so you can easily find the relevant information you’re looking for in the future



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