New page added!

Histor-C will be back in full swing soon, I’m just busy marking exams at the moment and it has literally taken over my life. Anyway, while I drown in A-Level essays, you’ll notice a new page above- “Teaching & Learning”.

It’s where I want to specifically share my thoughts on teaching & strategies. I’m not claiming to be some expert, in fact half the time a post will probably be a cry for help with an issue, but I have felt torn in recent months to blog about history and blog about teaching- so now I’ll just do both. There’s already an interesting video up there about creativity in schools, so why not have a watch when you have some time to spare!

A new post should be forthcoming, sometime in between marking these exam papers, preparing to leave Brimsham and start at JBS, and getting ready for a holiday… sometime soon though, I promise!


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