Goodbye Year 11 & 13…

As I said in my last post, I’ve been incredibly busy in the run up to exams, which has led to this lack of posts recently. Yesterday saw the final exam for GCSE students, with the A-Level exams completed on Tuesday- so I can breathe again!

The next month of ‘Histor-C’ might be slightly self-indulgent, or indulgent for us at Brimsham Green School anyway. Saying goodbye to Year 11 & 13 has been a little bit harder this year, for two reasons: I’ve taught them for four years now & have really gotten to know them all, and I myself am leaving Brimsham Green School this summer for pastures new.

My VI Formers asked if I’d write a blog post about them & (in their words) ‘how awesome they are’! To their credit, they’re not far wrong. It’s been a pleasure to teach these students for four such important years. The enthusiasm, the hard work, the banter & laughter and forever being known as “Batman” to that group will be hard to forget! To see them at work in both their studies and extra curricular activities, particularly those raising money for the Hosanna partnership & trip to Uganda, has been quite inspiring. As tempting as it may be to name individuals who I’ll really miss, the bottom line is I’ll miss all of them.

I’ll also miss my Year 11 students- some of them were my first full class back in Year 8 when I started. They’ve (nearly) always been a good laugh , and are all that’s good about this school. As a part of our revision focus, we’ve made extensive use of Twitter. This has been a new concept- tweeting revision questions, links, tips, games and practice exam questions, as well as being on hand to answer questions, all with the aim of giving bitesize revision chunks (140 characters to be precise!) to help them. To see the response of almost 90 students,their involvement & enthusiasm has been so amazing- not just from our overall winner Jodie Horton, but from Jack Batten, Amy Watkins, Jennie Cousal, Alex Kinsey, Tasha Drinkwater & Kelsey Dunn, and many more besides! I bizarrely look forward to writing my report evaluating Twitter’s impact!

So with only a month to go before the curtain calls on my time at BGS, it’s back to doing what we do best… ok what we do on here- blogging about current events with that insightful dose of history thrown in. The blog will move with me to my new school, and new role, but more on that later!


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