It’s never hard to find an idiot…

If you watched Chelsea perform the football equivalent of a miracle last night, you’ll know that John Terry is a lucky boy. No, I’m not talking about his off-pitch misdemeanour’s, whether they be bed-hopping or potential racist slurs,  or that despite these ‘issues’ he still seems to be portrayed favourably in the media, and considered to be included in the England squad from which he was stripped as captain earlier this year. His sending off last night was so stupid. How a captain of a team can act this way in a game where his defensive presence was so important is beyond me. The fact that Chelsea won despite this setback, and that the reduction to 10 men may even have helped them, allows JT to breather a huge sigh of relief- another moment of idiocy that he seems he may have gotten away with (that said, the look on his face when the red card was produced was priceless!)

It’s never hard to find an idiot. Not just in football either, although another example would be the journalists suggesting that Torres’ last minute goal was worth every penny of the £50m spent in bringing him to Stamford Bridge. You idiots- of course it wasn’t. On that basis, how much are players like Messi, Ronaldo and Van Persie actually worth?! Come to think of it, spending that much on any player is pretty idiotic… anyway, I digress…

In our modern media, it is very easy to find things to poke fun at- stupid decisions, comments or actions. In a celebrity culture where people are famous for pretty much nothing, their limited IQ or lack of common sense is soon revealed through interviews, twitter feeds or late nights out. Mobile phones that can instantly share photos and videos with the social media world have also spread the idiocy- from “epic fails” to the three British men who were so drunk they stole a penguin… seriously:

I spent this Saturday in Lacock with my wife, who runs a handmade jewellery business in her spare time (shameless plug time- it’s called “Kate Cave Creations” and you can buy online at , find us on Facebook and Twitter too (@KC_Creations)- plug over!) I do sometimes feel like a bit of an idiot myself here too. Whenever my wife goes away from the table, I look like a weird guy selling jewellery at a craft fair. Not surprisingly, not many people buy from us at this point! I also spent a lot of Saturday wondering through Lacock, near the National Trust entrance to the Abbey, advertising the craft fair (again, approaching random strangers made be feel  a bit silly!) But while I was there, I spoke to the fair’s organiser. Colin is a member of a local history society, an avid historian, and is currently busy working on a study of the history of lunacy. He works in a hospital with patients who have severe mental problems, and has been interested in how mainstream society has understood the issues throughout time.

It’s an interesting study- we now use the word ‘idiot’ to describe someone who does something stupid. But in history, it was a derogatory term to describe people with legitimate issues. They were given many other names besides, many of which I can’t mention on here.

This also got me thinking- do we use the term correctly today? Back in history, those with ideas contrary to the masses were seen as possible idiots. Concepts, be they technological (transmitting of sound or pictures, conversations held through transmissions of sound) would have seemed ludicrous at inception, but now we take them for granted. And on the flipside, supernatural beliefs about “dog-men” or evil spirits would have been the norm for previous civilisations and cultures, but not acceptable in the 21st century.

I personally prefer today’s use of the word “idiot”. People who do something stupid, something that is worth ridiculing for it’s narrow-mindedness and lack of foresight. The kind that is amusing but relatively harmless. As I said, it’s never hard to find an idiot- but it can be hard not to like one. Just watch episodes of “An Idiot Abroad”- you’ll be amazed by it, but you can’t help but like him!


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