Come with me on a journey through time and space…

Not a post about the Mighty Boosh I might add!

A very odd journey, but not always funny...

A few weeks back, I joined a friend of mine on what can only be described as a “milibreadth” of his marathon journey from Aberdeen to Seoul, South Korea, by bicycle. Sounds crazy? Yes it is! But it’s also amazing. He’s also raising money for good causes, so all in all- it’s an amazing feat. As I’m typing, he’s now made it to the north of Italy on his epic journey. You can read more about it here (there’s even a picture of my leg of the journey there somewhere!)

Anyway, this got me thinking- I could start with cheesy clichés like “life is a journey”, but ultimately- it is. History follows paths, you can trace the attack on the twin towers back to the Treaty of Versailles and beyond, you can see how the policies of the government today are both entrenched in history, and ignorant of it!

Journey’s also break new boundaries. As Chris pushes the pedal from country to country, he’s going further every time. Today is the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gugarin’s arrival in space- the final frontier! It was the beginning of something very new, one which we’re still exploring the limitations of.

Yuri Gagarin

And of course, our lives are on their own journey. On our different, intertwining paths. Sometimes, it’s a long slog (like Aberdeen to South Korea) and other times its a very short stint (like Calne to Beckhampton- my contribution!). Sometimes it’s a joy, and sometimes it’s a trial (case in point- your revision, and episodes of the Mighty Boosh, you never know what you’re going to get!).

One of the reasons why I enjoy history so much is that it’s evolving. If I’m still teaching History in thirty years, then my viewpoint of it will probably have changed dramatically. It’s journey, and my vantage point, will change, but the journey will continue to fascinate!

Oh, and if you’re a sixth former and reading this- stop and start revising!!!


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