Sorry, nothing happens in August…

So August is probably one of my favourite months of the year- it’s always a holiday! Love it or hate it, summer hols are here to stay, and bar a few trips to school to sort things out and for results day, I’m free as a bird! Therefore this post will be quite short, as I should be enjoying my holidays!

However, history takes no summer vacation, and neither does Histor-C! And talking of freedom, here’s two interesting anniversaries we remember in August:

1st August 1834: Britain abolished slavery in the Empire, granting liberty to all slaves

William Wallace- played by Mel Gibson

23rd August 1305: The Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace was hung, drawn and quartered by the English

In terms of our exam topics (both GCSE & A-Level) there are some interesting anniversaries too:

3rd August 1933: Hitler united the office of President and Chancellor to become Fuhrer of Germany

6th & 9th August 1945: The USA dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (respectively), killing over 120,000 people instantly

13th August 1961: The USSR began construction of the Berlin Wall

21st August 1940: Leon Trotsky was assassinated by an icepick to the back of the head in Mexico City

23rd August 1939: Germany & the USSR signed the Non-Aggression Pact

24th August 1949: NATO was established to counter the Soviet military presence in Eastern Europe

29th August 1949: The USSR officially becomes a nuclear power, just 4 years after the USA first dropped the atomic bomb

30th August 1919: Lenin survives an assassination attempt that seriously wounded him

And this is just stuff that’s relevant to us! Please don’t forget: Year 13s (both past and present) to bring in old textbooks asap, and Year 13s, don’t forget the summer work set, including the YouTube clips found here

See you on results day!!


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