A ride along the Iron Curtain – YEAR 13

Found this on the BBC website- images of where the “Iron Curtain” used to be. Quite interesting.


The Iron Curtain Trail

The Iron Curtain Trail


2 responses to “A ride along the Iron Curtain – YEAR 13

  1. Read the Blog on the CurtainRide, very interesting to see the effects in different countries along the line.

    By the way, not sure how much this will interest you and ignore if the music if it is not to your liking (which it probly isnt XD;) but while we’re on the topic of the arms race this video might perhaps give you an insight into to effects, even now, that the Atom bombings had on Japan. This is a very recent video from my favourite band Dir en grey (Renowned for their very macabre and taboo themes in songs and videos). This video and song are about the Atom Bombings.

    Note the imagery used to escape the actual censored bits in the video. I think it proves that even now WW2 is not something the Japanese particularly speak about. It starts around 2.00 with the clips. Also another part I found especially intrugeing were the Newspapers at 4.49. The American ones referring to them as ‘Japs’ and the British as the Japanese.

    You wont understand the lyrics either but exampls of a rough transltion of bits of them

    “It’s just hard shell you can’t see
    Is that where the bottom is? The shadow burns me
    Ahh, I just want to keep forgetting”

    “No one wants to talk about truth that hurts the ear The suppressed minds”

    “The emptiness of the antithesis
    Becomes the choking and crying land
    Bury the bones in the common land immersed in thesis
    Be burdened by depression
    The gritty tsunami takes me away and I smile with bitter tears”

    Maybe unrelated but if you watch it then maybe youll find it a little interesting. See you tomorrow.

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