Can’t you perform that miracle any quicker? (Rant no.1!)

What’s wrong with the world- has History not taught us that things take time? Believe it or not, football was what started this angry train of thought!

Mark Hughes

Today Man City sacked their manager Mark Hughes and replaced him with Roberto Mancini, just two hours after their 4-3 win against Sunderland. Hughes had been in charge of the Blue side of Manchester for eighteen months, spending £200 million and despite not challenging for the top 4 as strongly as they may have liked, Man City are achieving more than they have for a very long time.

Now two wins in eleven games isn’t a great record, but I still question the decision. I assume that Sheikh Mansour must know more about football than the rest of us. What I really struggle with however, is the short timeframe which Hughes was given to turn Manchester City from perennial mid-tablers to champion material. Can money really buy success? Is that what the billionaires think when it comes to sport?

There’s a bigger picture here though- does patience exist in the 21st century? Certainly not at the City of Manchester stadium, but this epidemic is more widespread.

Firstly- why are we in a recession? Well, besides the appalling behaviour of bankers and the short-sightedness of politicians, Your Tom, Dick and Harry on the street is also to blame. Another cause of our financial problems is the “buy now, pay later*” sales techniques that so many have operated in recent years (*later meaning when you really don’t want to at a price you really can’t afford).

Secondly- the War on Terror. A costly war? Yes. A war that has seen mistakes along the way? Certainly. But a war that can be won in the short term? Definitely not- we’re going to be in Afghanistan for a long time yet, until the job is done properly. Public opinion on both sides of the Atlantic may not be patient enough to allow the aims of the conflict to be achieved.

History shows us that things take time. Both World Wars, the Cold Wars, the suffragette movement, black civil rights- none of this happened overnight! So why can’t we have any patience in the present day? Going full circle and returning to football, don’t Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger show us that patience pays off, through good times and bad, in ‘sickness and in health’? Man City may still be successful with Roberto Mancini in charge, but they’ve lost some (more) integrity along the way, and presented themselves as a petulant and impatient organisation in the process.

Rant over.


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